In early October, MIcrosoft officially announced the next Windows operating system. The announcement was a surprise because the name of the operating system in question is not Windows 9 as previously thought, but Windows 10. 

Since it has been many questions arise regarding Microsoft's decision to skip the number "9". One of the most recent exposition of this mystery be obtained from Microsoft's corporate vice president of Windows, Tony Prophet. 

"(Name of Windows 9) came, and then disappeared," said the Prophet, quoted by Business Insider this week. That is, the Microsoft Windows 9 was considering the name, but then it did not wear. 

What is the cause? Microsoft apparently did not want to associate users verikutnya version of Windows with Windows 8 is already reaping a bad reputation. The number "9" is seen as too close to the number "8" so that it can suggest that the changes in the new operating system was not significant. 

In fact, according to the Prophet, Windows 10 was a "big step" of Windows 8.1 that preceded it. 

"Windows 10 would be a leap. We try to create a platform, an ecosystem that can unite as many types of small computer devices, internet of thiings, to tablets, phones, PCs, and Xbox, "said Prophet. 

As part of the development of Windows 10, the version of "beta" of the operating system is called Technology Preview distributed to users to try. Microsoft then collect and analyze the obtained from the early adopters. 

So far, Windows 10 Technology Preview has been downloaded by more than 1 million times so Microsoft was flooded with feedback from users. Prophet has said it is ready to process all kinds of input it into the final product later. 

"We have been running the process. We already have a million people who use (Windows 10 Technology Preview) and we are ready to listen, "he concluded.

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