Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella apologize relevant statement about women and salary increases in technology companies. Nadella acknowledges that the answer he gave was wrong. 

Nadella has issued a statement in a question and answer session and discussion forum female computer industry. He said that women employee should not have to ask for a raise, they should believe in the system and believe that one day their salary will surely rise. 

In a discussion led by a member of Microsoft's board of directors, Maria Klawe it Nadella said that by not asking for a raise, female employees were doing "good Karma" so that in due course their boss will give in return when the time is right. 

However, after the discussion ended, Nadella hastily clarified and apologized about the response. He also sent a memo to all Microsoft employees via e-mail. 

"At the end of the interview, she asked me what my advice to women who are shy or reluctant to ask for a raise, I was wrong in answering the question," Nadella said as quoted KompasTekno of Recode (09/10/2014). 

"Without a doubt, I fully support Microsoft programs that promote the role of women in the technology industry as well as closing the gap between the salaries of men and women employees," he added. 

Nadella also said that should both men and women who work in the tech industry gets the same treatment about payroll. 

"Men and women should get rewarded in kind. Problem advice about asking for a raise if entitled, Mary suggestion is correct, ie, if we think deserve an increase, then ask," he said Nadella.

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