Google has isntan messaging application that has been installed on all Android smartphones license, namely Google Hangouts. Now, Google also provides the instant messaging platform for desktop users. 

Google's instant messaging application for desktop users, named Hangouts Chrome. Google announced the availability of the application in a posting on its official blog on Thursday (09/10/2014). 

Idea brings Hangouts into the desktop version is that users do not commute check screen smartphone when they're on the move in front of the computer. 

Chances are, Google wants to try to compete with Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft. More recently, Skype is also introducing a new look page application. 

As for Hangouts Chrome, zoom has a list of contacts, conversations, etc. are placed on the right edge of the computer screen. Hangouts Chrome desktop version can also be synchronized with all devices that have Hangouts. 

Although Chrome Hangouts present as additional applications in the Chrome browser, but Google is working to make the application independently of the browser. Thus, users do not have to open a browser to use Chrome Hangouts service. 

Voice and video call feature is also provided by Google. Users can now call any phone number in the world from your desktop via the Hangouts feature dialer. 

Hangouts Chrome application can be tried by downloading it via the Chrome Web Store at the following link. The application can be downloaded for free....

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