Indonesian mobile market increasingly lucrative alone. Referring to the research firm global, GFK, the Indonesian mobile market in 2015 is predicted to come in three major world under China and India.

This opportunity is not wasted Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi. In order to sample the mobile phone market in 2015, Xiaomi has prepared a product launch strategy in Indonesia since September 2014.

Xiaomi decision was on the right path. Wall Street Journal reported, in a span of three months, Xiaomi phone sales exceeded 100,000 units. To note, Xiaomi enter Indonesia by targeting the mid-market price range of $ 1.5 million per unit.

Make appropriate sales figures Xiaomi mobile phone manufacturers worry medium Indonesia. Moreover, Xiaomi fairly new brand in Indonesia. Mobile phone manufacturers are disturbed by this Xiaomi mobile phone manufacturers certainly local production medium.

If not clever, it could be a niche market they carried off by Xiaomi. "The market is disturbed it must," said Tjandra Lianto, Marketing Director of PT Arga Mas Lestari, Advan brand mobile phone manufacturers to Cash, Monday (01/12/2014).

However, Tjandra quibble, different market segments with Xiaomi market segments. According to him, Xiaomi focus on selling products online, while targeting Advan stores that can be reached and seen consumers. "Brands that (Xiaomi) targeting consumers who can access the online purchases," he said.

Currently, Advan sell phones around 50,000 units per month. If calculated in three months, Advan sell phones as much as 150,000 units, higher than sales of 100,000 units Xiaomi.

Unlike the PT Hartono Istana Teknologi as Polytron brand mobile phone manufacturers which states unaffected by the presence of Xiaomi. St. Kadarusman, Public Relations and Marketing Event Manager PT Hartono Istana Teknologi say, Polytron phone sales are still more than Xiaomi. "We are not disturbed," claims Santo.

According to Santo, the current trend of cell phone sales rose in line with the increase in production. If nothing goes wrong, Polytron will increase production capacity to 300,000 units per month in the mobile phone in July 2015.

However, Santo did not want to underestimate Xiaomi. He will prepare a strategy to face the invasion of imported mobile phones to release a smartphone worth USD 1.5 million. After that Polytron add distribution channels and increase the service center.

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