TouchTen, mobile game maker from Indonesia, together with veteran Japanese composer Manami Matsumae to fill the background song new game, Target Acquired.

Manami previously worked at one of the largest game studios in Japan, Capcom. One famous work is to MegaMan game series.

"By cooperating with famous composers from Japan, I hope this will be a good time that Indonesia could exist in the game world map," said Anton Soeharyo, CEO TouchTen, to KompasTekno in Jakarta, Friday (12/05/2014).

In total, there are six songs created by Manami background for Target Acquired this game. The songs will accompany the player throughout the game, starting from the beginning of the game to date against the king or boss on each level.

When played to KompasTekno, song creation of this beautiful woman was able to describe the atmosphere of the game. Music with a fast beat a la Megaman is felt in every work.

"I make music that is catchy in order to be able to continue to be remembered," said Manami.

The process of setting this song turned out to take place very quickly. Manami only takes about four days to complete this new work. "He's a professional, so can work very quickly," joked Alexander Aniel, CEO Brave Wave, Japanese music label that houses Manami.

Target Acquired itself is a mobile game with genre Endless Run, similar to the popular game Temple Run. The difference, Target Acquired game has a variety of interesting missions and at the end of each level, players are required to fight against the king.

TouchTen plans to bring the game on Android and iOS platforms. Target Acquired alone estimated to be present in the app store in February or March 2015.

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