The beach is clean, white and soft sand, blue-green water color, green savannah expanded, and a friendly greeting from the simple people along the way. Here Sumba!

Echoes of the tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara archipelago is indeed not as tight as Bali and Lombok, which is relatively close to this place. However, once a "stray" into Sumba, words can not represent it.

"I'm up to browse the internet to find out great places in Sumba. When looking at the reference so I can not wait to get there," said Kadek, one of the tourists who for the first time have the opportunity came to Sumba, Friday (12/12 / 2014).

When the eyes fascinated and difficult word to describe it, the portrait is an option that can be used to represent the story. However, it would be a less fun if you already hastily want photographing, unloading must first bag, already so heavily also brought his camera.

Kadek who come to Sumba together a small group of users brand Samsung - they call themselves as happy user - who know the true taste should hurry photograph for display on social media, even lose the moment because it is too long to prepare the camera.

Therefore, when the Samsung invite this group to Sumba to try out the camera NX3000, Kadek and friends excited grass abysmal. "The camera is very light, baseball takes up less space when stored in a waist bag, already so the same color quality baseball lost DSLR cameras," said Kadek.

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