Observers and activists telecommunications Onno W. Purbo on Thursday last week educational seminar with the theme "How to Become a Good Hacker" or "How to Be a Good Hacker".

In House ceremony Cyber Floor 7, Jakarta, which also can be followed live streaming, Onno share knowledge about the steps looking for security holes aliashacking.

"To perform the hack, notebooks used to be pitch-installed OS Linux or Backtrack time in advance. But this time I use Linux ytang time actually not much different from the Backtrack," said Onno in a written statement received by Kompas Tekno, Friday (12 / 12/2014).

Of course, hacking here is not to the detriment of the other objectives such as is commonly done cracker (malicious hackers). Conversely, a hacker searching for security in a system to patch it.

"We introduce how to fit into a system with a way to hack, so that they can figure out how to build a good system and not easily infiltrated cracker," added the CEO of PT IDC Indonesia, Sri Hand, who organized this seminar in the framework of corporate programs social responsibility (CSR) IDC Indonesia in cooperation with Onno Center.

In total there are 1092 users who attend the seminar via online. Most access from a computer running Windows, followed by Mac dangadget Android.

The hacking techniques through seminars delivered Onno it includes measures such as the evaluation targets, inroad online passwords, network scanning, up to tapping to learn network protocol.

Onno hacking stressed the importance of education for the defense and security of the system. "If someone is able to hack a system or server, then that person will know how to create a cyber defense," he said again.

IDC Indonesia hope in the future there will be more parties socialize hacking activities so that the more hackers troops guarding the national cyber security.

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