Mobile operator Telkomsel on Monday (12/08/2014) officially roll out 4G services LTE (Long Term Evolution) commercially in the 900 MHz spectrum.

Thus, Telkomsel became the first cellular operator in Indonesia that commercialize mobile broadband network in Indonesia.

However, Telkomsel's 4G LTE network has yet to be enjoyed by customers all over Indonesia, as a new mobile broadband access is available to Jakarta and Bali alone. Going forward, SingTel said it would expand the scope of 4G LTE services in major cities in Indonesia.

Confirmation inauguration commercialization KompasTekno 4G LTE network obtained from the official web page Telkomsel (internet.telkomsel.com/4g-lte).

In these pages, Telkomsel provides a variety of information on how customers can enjoy the LTE 4G service.

One is the exchange of the SIM card that supports 4G LTE connection that can be done in GraPARI Telkomsel in Jakarta and Bali.

Telkomsel also said customers do not need to change the number and internet packages that are already running.

Commercialization of 4G LTE services by Telkomsel was requested by the Minister of Communication, Rudiantara previously said that the service is expected to be commercialized in the late 2014's.

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