The use of nuclear technology as a source of energy in the future should be considered because it can save power usage to meet the diverse needs of humans.

One of them is a smart phone that has become a primary need, but have a classic problem unsolved, wasteful battery which makes it only lasted a maximum of 24 hours.

"With the use of nuclear technology use mobile phone battery can be saved for up to five years to fill," said President Director of Nuclear Industry of Indonesia (Inuki) Limited, Yudiutomo Ismarjdoko, while speaking at the conference "Human Resource Strategy in Winning AEC 2015", in Jakarta , Tuesday (12/02/2014), as quoted by Antara.

According Yudiutomo, this time the people of Indonesia are generally still too scared when listening to the words nuclear.

And with nuclear technology all human needs ranging from procurement of power supply, the need medicine, agriculture to the needs of communication has been using nuclear technology.

"With the use of nuclear technology-enriched uranium low system, mobile phone battery charging could be five years. Imagine the nuclear technology could save the consumer finance," he said.

He acknowledged, nuclear power is greatly feared by the people of Indonesia for a variety of controversy when the battery system is currently used by the people already containing nuclear but not specified.

"If nuclear imprinted almost certainly will not be bought, so use another name other," he said.

Currently added Yudiutomo, nuclear technology developed primarily for purposes Inuki diverse medical world.

One is to produce radioisotopes Molybdenum-99 Fission or MO99, a chemical used to detect cancer in the human body.

Currently Inuki radioisotope production which is exported to most of the major hospitals in Asia, including to a number of European countries.

"We've been developing nuclear technology with low power. It is time to develop nuclear energy needs," he said.

To be more developed countries economy, the government must develop State Electricity Power Plant (NPP) in order to meet national energy needs.

"There's nothing to be scared of nuclear matter. If everything is done in accordance with the provisions of the nuclear reactor would not be a problem. So do not be afraid, oil will soon run out of energy, the nuclear power plants to meet the energy needs of society," he said.

According Yudiutomo, a government task socialize how nuclear is very useful.

He pointed out that China and South Korea in 1958 to learn about nuclear research from Indonesia, but both countries today are much more advanced because it already has dozens of nuclear power plants.

To that end, Yudiutomo hope that the government and society must change the way of thinking about nuclear power. If not, the state will only be a consumer of nuclear producing countries.

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