Di Korea Utara Komputer Harus Didaftarkan ke Polisi

  North Korea is known as a very closed country. In fact, they are very afraid of its citizens can access the Internet and connect to the outside world. In this digital age, it raises questions, such as what exactly is an internet connection in North Korea?
Quoted KompasTekno of Vox, Wednesday (12/24/2014), in North Korea is no internet connection. However, the global internet connection can be accessed only certain people. Access was mostly for government purposes.
Meanwhile, for the internet access of its citizens, North Korea provides a "Kwangmyong".
These terms have the meaning of bright stars and is used to refer to a closed Internet network used there. Kwangmyong only be used to access certain sites that have been selected, copied, and strictly censored by the government.
In addition to these access restrictions, the government also set strict about the ownership of a computer. Only those who have been given permission, which use a computer to access Kwangmyong. Computers were also registered in the police, like the possession of firearms.
Daily, Kwangmyong network can be accessed through a number of computers in the computer lab the North Korean government, offices, universities, and internet cafes in major cities.
However, in North Korea, there is a ban on traveling, though still in the territory of its own. This makes most people never see Pyongyang or simply visit internet cafes there.
Global Internet Access
Besides Kwangmyong, North Korea could also access the global Internet. Access to the global Internet is only owned by a group of elite there, mostly high-ranking government officials. The amount was approximately thousand only.
Of the total 25 million population there, North Korea only has 1,024 IP addresses. Compare with the United States (US), which has billions of IP addresses to a population of around 316 million people.
Ginseng country that access the global Internet via Unicom, a telecommunications company operating in China. Access is connected via a pathway of China, through the mountains in the northern part of North Korea and to Pyongyang.
North Korea also has departments that rely heavily on global internet connection. For example, the propagator of propaganda, media specialists, hackers, as well as researchers technocrats.
They are an example of an elite group who gain access to the global Internet. In fact, the state also provides a high-level salaries, modern housing, and other facilities in order to keep these people are not betrayed.

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