Mobile operator XL Axiata officially launched 4G LTE mobile network in Bogor, Medan, and Yogyakarta. XL Axiata in three cities are now able to taste the high-speed network connection with buying a new SIM card or exchange the old card.

What is the speed that can be obtained customer? "We've carried out tests in Mega Kuningan, the results we obtained 259 Mbps speed," said Chief Digital Services XL Dian Siswarini while speaking at the launch in Jakarta, Friday (12/19/2014).

However, Dian adding that the figure was obtained through aggregation technique uses a frequency of 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz.

XL Axiata itself currently hold a new 4G LTE network in the 900 MHz frequency in accordance with the commercial license from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

"For now, at a frequency of 900 MHz, the maximum speed of 36 Mbps," explains Head of Network Planning XL Rahmadi Mulyohartono when met on the sidelines Tekno Compass.

Although the speed is somewhat smaller than the 3G network XL after modernization dual carrier called achieve 42 Mbps, Rahmadi explained that the customer experience in using XL 4G LTE network will be better than when using the 3G network.

"Because latency is smaller with the number 32 milliseconds, while the 3G about 50 milliseconds. In addition, 4G LTE network is still not crowded with users," said Rahmadi, adding that the 4G LTE speeds will increase when they are able to participate held in the frequency of 1800 MHz.

"If to achieve speeds of 250 Mbps, the handset should also wear that supports 4G LTE category or Cat-6," he said again.

The use of frequency 1800 MHz for 4G LTE is still waiting for the arrangement of the spectrum in order to produce a continuous block allocation for each mobile operator.

MCIT Rudiantara also present at the launch of 4G LTE XL Axiata said the government will soon make arrangements frequency 1800 MHz, including the determination of the frequency as a neutral technology that is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2015.

According Rudiantara, licensing the use of the 1800 MHz frequency to use LTE technology will depend on the readiness of the operator concerned. "If you're ready, please do the decent test operation. Later we gave a letter worthy of operation, after which it can be commercialized," he said.

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