Hacking that hit Hollywood movie studio Sony Pictures is facilitated by sophisticated malware, aka malicious programs.

Because of the sophistication, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is investigating the case said that the malware can break into most of the computer security system available today.

"Malware that is used may be past the 90 percent of Internet defense used by the private sector today, perhaps even infiltrated the government system," said Assistant Director of the FBI Cyber Division, Joseph Demarest, as quoted by Kompas Tekno from ArsTechnica, Saturday (13/12 / 2014).

Demarest added that the malware used to hack Sony Pictures made with high technique, and supported by human resources who have the intention of "serious" for the attack.

"Based on investigative efforts so far, we can say that they (the hackers Sony Pictures) is very organized and persistent," he said again.

Demarest statement in line with Kevin Mandia, the head of the security firm hired Mandiant Sony to come investigate the attack that happened. Last week, Mandiant said that the attacks were carried out "with an unusual strategy" and "may not be anticipated by Sony Pictures".

Sony Pictures hackers managed to steal large amounts of data with a total size exceeds 100 GB of internal systems Sony. Stolen data including sensitive information, such as the film has not been released, as well as personal data belonging to tens of thousands of employees of Sony Pictures.

Mastermind behind this attack is suspected North Korean state which denounced the film The Interview from Sony Pictures. North Korea objected to the plot of The Interview that tells the attempted murder of the country's leader, Kim Jong Un.

But the North himself has denied the allegation. Is still unclear exactly who is responsible for the hacking incident Sony Pictures.

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