Baran bukti pencurian komputer di Mapolda DIY. (Sunartono/JIBI/Harian Jogja)

  Unit Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda DIY menangkap lima anggota sindikat pencurian komputer yang beberapa tahun terakhir meresahkan puluhan sekolah di DIY. Dalam melaksanakan aksinya, mereka punya peran masing-masing.
Empat orang anggota sindikat itu adalah Nurul Syamsul Hadi, 40, warga Selomartani, Kalasan sebagai otak sekaligus penggambar lokasi sasaran.
   Then Mashuri Ahmad, 34, a resident of RT 06 RW 12 Kledokan, Selomartani, Kalasan act as a driver of the car when in operation. And Muhammad Tuanaya, 39, and Omar, 30, both shipped from Balahulu, Ambon, Maluku Tenggara as executor in each burglary.
While the suspects were arrested as fences in the home buying and selling a computer entrepreneur, Gaibbi Satya Yudaka, 32, origin Tegalbaru, RT 04 RW 04 Jebres.
Deputy Director General of Criminal Investigation Superintendent Djuhandhani Rahardjo Puro explain suspect Nurul alias Brewok act as a planner to find the target. It marked a number of recipient schools in DIY.
Once the target object is considered appropriate, then Nurul bring two suspects who live in Ambon Umar and Muhammad famous Tuanaya dare execute. Both are financed directly by Nurul to come to Yogyakarta in order to break into the school.
"Both of them stayed there [Ambon], brought in just for this [breaking]. Beard [Nurul] who bought tickets to go home. After the new result is enough behind, "he said, Monday (12/08/2014).
After Umar and Tuanaya arrived in Yogyakarta, he added, they were renting a car Avanza AB 1959 WA from any one rental in Kalasan. This group always borrow the car to run the action in various scene in DIY. The suspect Ahmad Mashuri act as a driver as well merental car.
"They were on average take 20 CPU [the all-on-one] put in the car. Each steal the scene about an hour. NRL [Nurul] oversee the outdoors, UD [Umar] and MT [Muhammad Tuanaya] who took the computer. AM [Ahmad Mashuri] supervise in the car, "he explained.
In the case of disclosure, the total DIY Police secure the evidence loot as much as 42 CPUs all in one that each unit worth Rp10 million. And three units of laptops, one projector, one CPU and one camera manual. If the total could reach Rp450 million. While the evidence to support a crime which is a mobile unit and a screwdriver.

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