Bisnis Harus Memiliki Makna

  Nusantara Billy Boen explained this meaning that can be used as guidelines in running the business and not easily give up when a failure.

"Businesses are only thinking about making money forget it. If you do not have a positive meaning, want immediate results a lot, but when you're down will tend to give up," he said, in a seminar Entrepreneur Discussion Forum Sindo Weekly in Bapindo Plaza, Jakarta, Saturday (20 / 12/2014).

Billy said, if owned business already has a strong meaning it is currently difficult to meet future will be resolved.

"If it has no meaning when fitting the business is difficult, we can ask ourselves. It should soon find a way out and do not give up because we do can help a lot of people, employees and consumers. Purpose is to make our way again," he explained.

He explained the meaning to be useful for the wider community. "An example is Google, want to make all the information can be accessed all over the internet there. Its meaning noble that everyone can get information around the world," he said.

"More and more of our services are needed, the greater automatic and do not forget its purpose," said Billy.

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