A programmer from China reportedly managed to install the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system on the device Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Photographs iPhone 6 Plus that is running Windows 98 OS is uploaded into situus bbs.feng.com forums are popular in China.

Quoted KompasTekno of Techcrunch, Tuesday (11.11.2014), originally thought to Widows 98 is executed by emulation-based script that resembles Windows 98.

But apparently, the operating system is Windows 98 original actually running in Apple's latest smartphone flagship.

In a posting on the forum, it is known that the Windows 98 run in the iPhone 6 Plus is utilizing IDOS application that works to emulate the old PC operating system.

Most of the major functions of Windows 98 is running normally, but the hacker claimed not to be able to upgrade to Windows XP.

Previously, a programmer had also installed an earlier Microsoft operating system, Windows 95 in the smartwatch Samsung, Gear Live.

The programmer uses a DOS emulator called ADosBox which allows ARM-based devices run software written for the x86 architecture.

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