Momento +, a premium of Momento app - photo editor application on Windows Phone to capture the moment the user updated on Saturday (11/01/2014). 

In a press statement received KompasTekno, Momento + latest version participated include some new features and content as well as a more attractive appearance. 

Some of the latest features of the applications that have been used are 1.3 million users of the Free Canvas Mode and text modification features. Additionally, users can add a variety of detail of the situation based on a moment. 

Momento + also present two additional moments are Weather and Magazine, complements the moment that have been presented previously. In addition, users will find a vast range of filters, frames and more than 250 stickers that can be added to the photo. 

Momento provide five categories of major moment for its users, namely Place, Food, Baby, Events, and Sport. In each category there are several different templates that can be used to annotate photos. Momento also provide stickers, frames, and photo filters to beautify. 

Edited image can be stored on the phone or on OneDrive, and can be delivered through various social networks. Currently, Momento supports 11 languages ​​including English, Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, German and Mandarin....

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