Sony reportedly plans to create wearable devices such as smart watches from the "paper". Of course, that is not a plain paper, but the e-paper display panel aka thin flexible screen display similar to the ink on the paper.

E-paper does not produce its own light are like screen gadgets in general, but to rely on sources of light in the surrounding environment as it did when reading the book.

The information quoted by Kompas Tekno from Bloomberg, Thursday (11/27/2014) mentions that smart watches Sony's e-paper will be the aspects of style rather than a complex function of gadgets Apple Watch or homemade Sony SmartWatch series products themselves.

E-paper technology that will be used is still unclear. Some e-paper products on the market use different techniques to display.

Pebble smartwatch, for example, using the LCD are referred to as "e-paper", while the CST-01 hours from Central Standard Timing using e-Ink Kindle tablet style.

Smart watches based e-paper will be one of the first products that hatched by a new division at Sony, Kaz Hirai CEO formation results. The division is intended to boost innovation Sony to issue a new breakthrough.

Wearable devices market itself is relatively small, with only 22 million units sold worldwide in this fiscal year. Most wearable device shaped watches or bracelets smart worn on the wrist.

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