An iPhone 6 sold for 11,000 dollars or more than USD 130 million on online auction site eBay. What is special about this device that can be sold at a price fantastic?

Apparently, the iPhone 6 belonged to a man resident of Los Angeles, United States named Alex is a rare item that only a "half-finished" aka not a final product that is supposed to circulate in the market.

Alex gained iPhone 6 is concerned in October of mobile operator Verizon. He was surprised to find that the device is not running the iOS operating system 8, but testing software called Switchboard.

Not only that. As quoted by Kompas Tekno of Cult of Mac, Friday (11/14/2014), the connector port for charging the iPhone 6 and a half so it was red.

Apple who asked for an explanation by Alex says that the device in his hand until it is a phone that has not been completed through all stages of production.

Somehow, the iPhone 6 is then passes inspection factory and packaged as a final product.

Apple offered Alex the iPhone 6 Plus instead of iPhone 6 hers, but he was then prefer to sell on eBay through an account sister named Kimberly.

He was also successfully pocketed tens of thousands of dollars. Many times greater than the price of the iPhone 6 Plus the most expensive priced at 950 dollars.

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