Instant messaging application WhatsApp last week introduced the "Read Receipt" for its users. With these features, users can know who sent the message has been read.

WhatsApp will give double blue check mark to the message sender that the recipient has read. Actually useful feature that was not entirely positive response by WhatsApp users. Quite a lot of users deplore the presence of features that have long been owned BlackBerry Messenger in WhatsApp.

Therefore, WhatsApp secretly issued an update to provide an option to disable the message notification feature legibility. However, WhatsApp has not deploy the update to the app store on a variety of platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

According to the monitoring KompasTekno, Saturday (11/15/2014), Facebook's instant messaging service that gives the new update file for Android devices, it also has to go through the official website of WhatsApp.

Android users can open the official website at the URL WhatsApp www.whatsapp.com/download WhatsApp version 2.11.444 or download directly from this link. The version has the option to disable the feature "Read Receipt" are marked with a blue check mark.

How to access the menu "Settings> Account> Privacy" then remove the cluster check option 'Read receipts' through each device.

These updates will be deployed WhatsApp officially to Play Store, Apple's App Store, and other platform application stores in the next few days.

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