In the conference Google I / O a few months ago, Google introduced the concept of design reference affordable smartphones Android One.

After the first slide in India, no longer smart phone that will greet customers Indonesia. Google has appointed a trusted vendor for the Android smartphone market in Indonesia. The local vendors are Evercoss.

"Google is pointing us (Evercoss) to produce Android One of seeing that Indonesia has a huge market for middle-class products," said Chief Marketing Officer Evercoss Janto Djojo event attended Evercoss factory visit Kompas Tekno, Semarang, Tuesday (25/11 / 2014).

Janto explained that Evercoss will produce Android smartphones One is based on the Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop latest.

Launch time mentioned in January next year, but Janto claim could not disclose the price of the product concerned.

"We do not want to precede Google, though they are announced, we become his device vendors alone," added Janto.

For business brand, despite Google's use of the reference design, Janto said that it had prepared another name for Android phones One homemade Evercoss.

"One's Android is Google's brand-driven and can be used, but we chose to make their own. We will refer to as Evercoss One," added Janto.

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