Microsoft seems to not want twice plunged into the same hole. The software giant promises that all devices Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8 will be acquired the allocation of Windows 10 so the new OS is officially released.

This was revealed itself by Microsoft through the official Twitter account of Lumia. A Twitter user @ Kalars07 asked about the possibility of an update of Windows 10 on a Nokia device of interest.

lumia Account replied "We plan to update all your Windows Phone 8 to Windows 10 in the future," as quoted by Kompas Tekno from The Verge, Friday (11/14/2014).

Not explained exactly when the update will be rolled out. But notice that most can not give a sigh of relief on the Lumia device owners who worry whether his mobile phone can be updated to Windows 10.

Previously, in 2012, Microsoft never made a big disappointment when it announced that the Windows Phone 7 devices will not be able to run Windows Phone 8.

Windows 10 itself, among others, is intended as a mobile operating system. The latest OS is planned to be released in 2015 will also be used in a variety of other devices such as tablets, desktop PCs, and laptops so that a uniform operating system for all types of devices.

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