Prof. Rhenald Kasali 

Done probe KPK commissioner candidates last week, I picked up a friend to a village, near the industrial area that is located about 80 kilometers from the city of Semarang. In the back of a house that is almost collapsed and I saw a pile of dull iron, welding tools, a large tube of LPG and some barrels filled with water. 

There I received a "mechanic" genius who managed to make super-efficient combustion energy. Graduate of an academy of Japan showed me this technology looks simple, endlessly experimental results for 8 years. According to my colleague from Japan, this original technology, and the results can be accounted for. 

Upon the recommendation of someone, he asked to meet with me. Because not understand technology, I contacted friends of the faculty of engineering, a number of physicists, and chemists. As usual, scientists have always doubted the findings of a field mechanic. Though this energy is a process unique physico-chemical, which could change the world. 

"In physics, it is possible, but the energy to make the energy it theoretically greater," they said. 

Out of curiosity, I record all the process. I then invite some people pegusaha. I get a different response. Although there is any doubt, the engineers were astonished businessman and taking a chance. The inventor who was lackluster, as can now injecting new energy. Dahlan Iskan my findings show instead encouragement. Some foreign companies want to explore cooperation. 

"Typically, scientists always do not believe in things like this. But let them try, usually a lot of surprises, "said Minister of this state. 

This new energy development projects we started are petty. We prepare all affairs are complete. 

When I asked what makes a finding that he entrusted to me, they are just a short answer: We wanted to build the country but it takes its scientific examination. "Yes, but why should to me?" Smiling they only say briefly, "It's a mandate." 

Village and Campus 

What is mandated "mechanic" the village may not be cool for most scientists campus. But, as the late Deng Xiaoping, for me is not important, would he black or white, as long as it catches mice cats that we seek. 

I remember the arrival of a housewife who likes to cultivate herbs from natural ingredients to the House Amendment. With the passion he showed a new product that is able to break down cholesterol, and blood sugar lowers them again. 

As social entrepreneurs are persistent, with her husband who used to work in the Astra, they have helped many people. But a clear scientific basis is still far. They just know how to get permission from the POM, taking care of various certificates, and make a nice package. They then assisted by LIPI scientists and a number of young doctors who provide free personal input. 

Arguably product gives a lot of hope on that getting desperate in treatment. My parents, including those who acknowledge its benefits. 

So how attitudes campus? 

The attitude of some of them, sorry, just the opposite. Instead of praise or excitement brought it into the findings of laboratory studies, they even provide cynicism. Instead of questioning the scientific truth, they would use religious texts to argue that the fermentation process of the product it contained. 

Then when the mother had, with the help of his doctor friends managed to include studies in a scientific journal, they again attacked. "That journal Abal Abal," he said. 

Unfortunately, not many scientists campus who understand that for a small businessman, conduct scientific studies very exhausting and expensive. A friend who managed to make the water dew for example, spend USD 1 billion - Rp 3 billion to finance a college experiment involving 90 respondents (patients) of a hospital. 

For campus, such experiments in the current era has been more widely seen as a project that could increase revenue. But for small businesses, when positive studies and published scientific, gold can be a bridge to the future. 

After that, there are still many struggles they had to go to "conquer the market". Understandably, the distributors and retailers prefer to sell items that are already known, the turnover is high, and give them adequate incentives. 

In the meantime, the researchers are not objective to develop the technology, but rather a scientific publication. 

Tacit and Explicit 

Here there is a problem, between tacit knowledge (gained from training and practice) with explicit knowledge (that can be recorded, recorded). Thus, there are now two pendulum face to face. The pendulum was developed by scientists village through its tacit skills, which become teknopreneur, but stopped as soon as the product was discovered and commercialized on a limited basis. And the other by campus scientists who also stopped in scientific publications before becoming the technology. 

It is certainly different from the situation in industrialized countries where the campus has become a sturdy bridge to support the progress of industry and science itself. Campus orientation was not just a world-class publication, but impact. Not paper, but patents, licenses, teknopreneurship, and business activities. 

In the famous campuses in the world, you will find Campus Technology Transfer Office, the main drive unit driven entrepreneurship student and campus by the state in order to become a tool for the growth process of technology transfer and economic development. This unit is also becoming an important tool for bringing research results to market. 

Do not be all the way, in Thailand alone we easily get a similar college transfer new findings in the field of agriculture. Even at a certain level we also find in the IPB. 

They are not just busy researching, but reviewing the findings of the world's tacit into explicit, then together take care of its patentability and marketability. At the University of Missouri Columbia alone, 33.3 per cent of university revenue comes from money transfer technology copyright works. 

So how Indonesian university students come forward if not used teknopreneur? Is the usual we see students studying chemistry or engineering, it becomes snacks culinary entrepreneurs who fight against the people in the street economy. While the technology that should be our own continuous imported from abroad. 

How to bridge the tacit scientists whose hands itch and just stop at the final product with campus scientists are only just stopped in scientific publications? Both are too far from each other, not even communicate. This is clearly homework for campus leaders, researchers, and of course the minister of higher education and research should begin next month to work. We need to overhaul the way of thinking, create new entrepreneurial platform for young people, and make a breakthrough.

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