Project Catalyst is a platform to bring together and encourage collaboration between social movement activists (social movement) with application developers to create technology solutions that aim to support the movement has a greater impact. 

This program takes the spirit of the Youth Pledge aims to unite the youth to move towards a better Indonesia. 

Profession thick with the feel of a rural farmer. Even so, it certainly would not hurt if the townspeople also learn how to farm. Moreover, there is little land idle or abandoned in urban areas should be green and productive land. 

The idea of ​​urban farming movement was sticking to form Indonesia Gardening. Communities that exist in this social media campaign for urban farming or farming in urban areas. Unused land that is planted with plants that can be consumed by city residents. 

Read more at: http://ziliun.com/id/articles/kibarkan-semangat-urban-farming-dengan-indonesia-berkebun 

Gardening positive spirit of Indonesia has made many people more aware of their environment and urban with urban farming program. 

Indonesia Gardening, aspires to make an application to discuss urban farming, such as a discussion of the techniques of planting, tending, harvesting certain crops, fertilizers, and methods to grow more sophisticated. 

In addition, application users can share videos, photos, and their gardening activities with fellow actors urban farming. 

In essence, social media applications for the urban farmer who makes more and more people interested in gardening. Imagine what? 

If you love and believe in the vision-mission of Indonesia Gardening, let's send you to the idea of ​​Project Catalyst app! 

Interested in helping social movements in Project Catalyst? Sign up through katalis.ziliun.com. 

KompasTekno is a media partner for Project Catalyst. In the next few days the profile of social movements in the Catalyst Project will be displayed in KompasTekno.

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