On Monday (10/06/2014) yesterday marks the third year of the death of Steve Jobs. The late Apple founder is known as a person who can drive the trend to spawn innovative products like the iPhone and iPad 

However, the name of man, certainly not forever Jobs and Apple can make the right decisions or predictions. Apple was admonished several times to be in violation of Jobs that was not in accordance with the times. 

Well, here is a list of most "testament" was erroneous, as summarized KompasTekno of Business Insider. 

1 Estimating IBM and Apple to be the two biggest players in the computer industry 

"In terms of supplying the computer, it will be determined by Apple and IBM," Jobs said in an interview with Playboy, 1985 ago. 

"And I think there will be many other companies in third or fourth, seventh or eighth moreover," added Jobs again. 

In fact, there are many computer manufacturers other than Apple and IBM are growing and developing. Apple itself had almost bankrupt in 1997 before rising again under helmsman Jobs. 

2 Figuring online music subscription services would not sell 

In 2003, Jobs showed cynical attitude towards music when the subscription service, such as Rhapsody. 

"People do not want to listen to music on a subscription basis ... that they are willing to buy the download," Jobs said, calling the music subscription service will not sell. 

But he was wrong in that regard, because the music subscription services like Pandora and Spotify later proved to be gaining popularity. 

Due to the presumption that, Apple's late entry into the subscription music business and later was forced to release iTunes Radio. This step is followed through the acquisition of Beats Audio. 

3 Fill out iTunes song only with 

iTunes initially only sell the song, not the video. Jobs had no idea that the company's online store will distribute content outside of music. 

"We do not think it (the video) desired by the people. A film took a very long time to finish downloading, there is no instant gratification," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone, 2003 ago. 

Now, with the ever-expanding high-speed Internet access, the public became more enthusiastic download various kinds of content, not just limited to the track. 

iTunes itself at the end enrich themselves with a variety of such content. 

Ten years after Jobs' statement, in 2013, Apple announced that iTunes users have downloaded more than 1 billion TV show episodes and 380 million movies from the service. 

4 Limiting the iPod as a music player 

The reason is, "I do not believe people want to watch movies on the small screen this," Jobs said in an interview Walt Mossberg in 2003. 

Two years later, it introduced the Apple iPod models with a 2.7-inch screen that can display images and play videos. 

5. Thinking tablets would be popular 

Still in a 2003 interview with Mossberg, Jobs said his company has no intention of making a tablet device, that when it has long existed but Apple has not ogled. 

"There are no plans to make a tablet because people want keyboards ... we see the tablet and think the product is going to fail," said Jobs. 

Of course, that then occurs is precisely Apple popularized with the launch of the iPad tablet computer. 

What is interesting is the statement Jobs contrary to actual reality, because in 2003, the Apple iPad is already started designing. The concept of the tablet is more than the iPhone first appeared. 

6 scandals argued about the iPhone 4 antenna 

iPhone 4 introduces a new design with a metal-plated body that also functions as the antenna of the phone. 

But there is a design flaw where the signal quality may decline dramatically, so decided to call the phone when the phone when held in a certain way. 

Jobs at first argued and instead told users that the iPhone 4 "not holding it in a way (which could degrade the signal) it." 

But then Apple acknowledges the problem known as the infamous "Antennagate" and provide a free bumper case to resolve the problem of signal loss. 

7 Calling nobody wants to buy a great phone 

Apple gave an official press statement about Antennagate in 2010 At the same time, Jobs also voiced his opinion about the smartphone made by competitors. 

According to him, other phones do not have problems because the signal size is very large so that "Your hands could not hold it." He then said that "nobody" wants to buy a phone that large. 

Apple then realized that consumers want a phone with a big screen. 

Following the trend of the market, this company then gradually increase the size of the iPhone screen, starting with the iPhone 5 in 2012, then last iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that already resembles a physical form phablet with display size of 5.5 inches. 

8 Replacing Google Maps with its own maps application 

Google Maps has become the standard map application since the first iPhone was released in 2007, but, at the launch of iOS 6, Apple decided to replace it with a homemade Apple Maps. 

The results are disappointing. Reputation Apple Maps soon fall because of various problems related to bugs and lousy accuracy. So acute services Apple Maps, CEO Tim Cook had to apologize publicly through the official website of Apple. 

Now Apple Maps is already much better, but in general still lags behind Google Maps replaces. 

9 Assuming that the 10-inch size is ideal for tablets 

Jobs opinion about the tablet measuring less than 10 inches are widely cited as the Apple tablet instead follow the trend of "small" with the release of the iPad Mini, which has a 7.9-inch landscape display. 

In fact, Jobs had said about the 7-inch Android tablet that "size is not sufficient to create great tablet apps." 

"Apple has a lot to test the touch screen interface for many years and we understand very well about this," said Jobs, who assume that the user's finger will not be comfortable with the tablet screen sizes under 10 inches, one day in 2010. 

"There is a limit to how far you can design a touchscreen interface element where the user can still interact with comfortably. This is one of the main reasons why we think that 10 inches is the minimum size," said Jobs. 

Three years after Jobs issued his words, in 2013, recorded sales exceeding iPad Mini "brother" which are larger in size.

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