Kawasaki continues to maintain the momentum of high enthusiasm of the people waiting for H2, high-performance motorcycle that will slide in EICMA, Milan, November 4, 2014. There have been six teaser video uploaded www.ninja-h2.com special site. Chances are, four more videos will show up until the moment of launch. 

All the video shows how the motorcycle manufacturer with distinctive lime green color that applying high technology in H2, ranging from the engine anti-knock technology, the same as that used 18-cylinder engine with a power of 7.5 MW Kawasaki Heavy Industries. 

In another video, appears depiction of how manufacturers are making framework that uses robotic technology to ensure precision and accuracy of welding. Good quality order believed to enhance the performance of the motorcycle. 

Furthermore, there are ways of making propellers supercharged impressions are very precise with CNC lathes. 

The videos were not shown the figure H2 detailed street version, but it has been quite describe how perfect super mounts to the attention of the birth for the sake Kawasaki H2 and H2R.

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  1. It it equipped with a supercharged 998cc engine which generates total power of 296BHP power. it will be the most wanted motorcycle in the market.