South Korea re-do a new step in the field of internet technology. While other parts of the world are still struggling with the deployment of 4G mobile networks, the state repeatedly recorded the fastest internet connection in the world have started experimenting with 5G. 

One of the industry players involved in the case is Samsung. This week, test results 5G network infrastructure Samsung recorded record the data transmission speed of 7.5 Gbps, or about 940 MB per second in a stationary condition aka motionless. 

In the condition of the vehicle moving at speeds over 100 km / h, obtained stable data transfer at 1.2 Gbps or about 150 MB per second. 

"We will continue to reach new milestones and develop advanced technologies to contribute to the standard 5G," said the head of research and development Samsung Electronics, ChangYeong Kim, in a summary of the news broadcast Samsung Tomorrow. 

Testing under conditions of stationary and moving is done through a network with a frequency of 28 GHz 5G. Figures frequencies as high as it has not been widely used because of the limited range. 

But Samsung said it had managed to find a solution to these problems through "Adaptive Array Technology" which uses millimeter wave frequency band. With this technology, the high-frequency waves can cover large areas. 

5G standard itself is still not defined. However, when held later, the fifth-generation cellular technology that is expected to provide data transfer speeds of up to hundreds of times faster than 4G LTE.

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