Tokyo, KompasOtomotif - Volkswagen AG continues to competing Toyota Motor Corporation in fulfilling his ambition to be the biggest car manufacturer in the world by 2018 Europe's largest automaker booed fuel cell technology initiated by stating that Toyota would be difficult to achieve success outside of Japan. 

Shigeru Shoji, Japan VW Group President said, the Japanese government issued incentives, up to 3 million yen (USD 35.1 million) per car hydrogen fuel, will be difficult to match by other countries in the world. Even in his home country, the refueling process (hydrogen) is not practical because they have to build the infrastructure takes time and huge costs. 

"Maybe it will be a success in Japan, but not globally," said Shoji, Bloomberg reported on Monday (09/08/2014). Fuel cell technology can only be one instance "galapagos syndrome", making the Japanese company created a successful product in the country of origin only. Shoji negative view has also been delivered to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Incorporated, some time ago. 

In Japan, fuel cell vehicles (FCV) have the full support of the government. Creating a special way to the vehicle so it gets special treatment, as happened in the Toyota Prius hybrid technology. 

"In order to survive, you need to generate a new product, the better.'s Not just a nationalist," said Ha Pham, an analyst at Jefferies Group Incorporated in Tokyo. 

still expensive 
Dion Corbett, a Toyota spokesman in Tokyo said, tech vehicle fuel cell produces only water vapor as exhaust gas. Offering one of the best solutions to reduce carbon emissions in Japan. Shigeru statement regarding Shoji, Corbett would not comment. 

"Technologies of fuel cell systems are still relatively expensive so we need support from the Japanese government subsidies.'s Hard to imagine that many FCV will be driven only in the next two months," explained Corbett. 

In June, Toyota said in addition to Japan, the company hopes to sell the vehicle FCV in Germany, California, and several cities in the eastern United States.

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