BBM di PC.

An exclusive BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) slowly began to disappear. After the instant messenger to spread to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices last visited. But apparently the BlackBerry was not satisfied with it. Fuel can now be accessed from a computer or laptop. 
BlackBerry introduces the BlackBerry application called Blend. With this feature, all the things that could previously only be done on a BlackBerry device, now's the fuel can be carried anywhere through a variety of devices. Blend BlackBerry features, allows to chat or fuel consumer's through a desktop PC. 
Not only that, the BlackBerry Blend, we are also able to access email, SMS, and even a calendar agenda. So that information sharing can be done even if not directly connected to the BlackBerry device. This application runs on a PC (Personal Computer), both laptops and desktops, and tablets, with operating system Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And can be used for BlackBerry users with BlackBerry 10 Operating system.

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