Regional Employment Agency (BKD) Boyolali prepare two computer units, to serve information access online registration candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) which begins on Wednesday (10/09/2014). 

According to the Head of BKD Boyolali, Karsino besides two computer units, it also prepares the operator to assist the community to access all relevant information available about the selection and acceptance of CPNS 2014, but given the limited units of a computer and its operator, Karsino requested that the community or particular applicants who want to access through the Office of BKD to understand, if the process is a bit long because I had to queue. 

In addition to providing information through the selection and acceptance CPNS website and the media, he said, he also would have instructed a Unit (SKPD) turu provide information services to the public. 

After online registration until Tuesday (09/23/2014) next, the requirements of the applicants file that is sent to the district level selection committee will be verified, whether the file is eligible or not. "Pengunguman file verification of registration will be announced on October 1 by mail. Share registrants that file will receive an invitation to qualify for the written test, "he said.

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