Benarkah debu dapat rusak komputer?

   Although perhaps this is already widely known users of a computer or PC, but do not rule out the possibility there are many people who do not know. 
The question is whether the dust on the motherboard or are around the inside of a PC can make a device that is damaged or at least make performance slow down? 
Of course, many people do not even have much knowledge of computers will make the cleaning of the computer manually. In fact, sometimes the way they do it too extreme. 
According to some quotes and explanations on the internet (from various sources), in fact directly, dust will not make a PC damaged or slowed performance. You do not need to clean up the dust when the place where the computer used to be in a relatively cool temperature. 
The dust that was in the computer will only make a little fan and winds contained in the PC can not function optimally. And also there is justification that of various types of dust, there is a special dust that can cause corrosion on objects made ​​of metal. 
If indeed you want to clean it, it is advisable to use a special alcohol and a soft cloth and brush with soft edges as its cleaning tool.

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