Apple Watch.

   Apple has officially introduced the first perangkatwearable the form of smart watches. Watch Apple device named mentioned as Apple's new historical stage. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Tim Cook even mention smart watches it is the most personal of products the company has ever made. 

Not present as the first smart watches, Apple equip it with some technological products. Here "weapon" in Apple Watch launch Mashable, Wednesday, September 10, 2014. 

digital Crown 

This feature is a play button on the side of the screen Apple Watch. Apparently, Apple wants a new way of interaction in this smart watches. 

Placement of the play button on the product is a new innovation of smart watches. Rather than forcing the user to use the touch screen interface is very small watches, Apple provides a new way with the Digital Crown. The button helps users to play on-screen smart phones like the iPhone. 


Apple's distinctive features are also present on the Apple Watch. As on the iPhone, users simply press and hold the digital Crown and said, "Hey Siri" voice commands to perform. This feature enhances the user experience on the wrist. 

Apple Pay 

Button in the Digital button placed under the Crown. This oval-shaped key allows users to access to Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that accommodates the NFC technology (near komunikas device). 

Users can simply click the button twice and then the device will process the digital payments. Watch Apple will also confirm payment via audio or notification on the wrist, after the transaction is completed. 


Watch a square screen Apple Retina display that is protected coating sapphire glass. Watch Sport for Apple's version, in order to increase the protection device, the screen with reinforced glass reinforced ions, or so-called Ion-X glass. 

Force Touch 

This technology is a sensor on the Apple Retina display that is able to distinguish Watch a pressure. 

Sensor Heartbeats 

If seen on the back of the screen, Apple Watch has a sensor arrangement. The sensor has four sapphire lenses are implanted using infrared LED light and looks. 

This sensor will detect the user's heartbeat. 

Apple said with accelerometer and other sensors, the sensors behind the screen that can be paired with GPS and Wi-Fi iPhone. Its function will provide a detailed analysis of user's daily movements.

Sensor detak jantung Apple Watch

Behind the scenes sensor that detects the user's heartbeat (Photo: Mashable) 

Health trackers 

Apple's Watch comes with some health measurement applications. For example Move Ring, which measures how many users move and calculate calories burned. Exercise Ring measuring each exercise, activity quickly. Ring Stand measure how long users break from sitting. 

Taptic Engine 

Located on the inside, close to the processor chip, Taptic Engine is able to provide tactile feedback to the user. 

This feature offers a more in-depth look of Apple Watch, although only in the wrist. 


Watch for the innards of Apple, Apple created the S1 chip System in Package (SiP). Apple weave a number of subsystems in a module that is obtained in a design to protect the chip from damage or incision. 

Inductive Charging 

Watch Apple is also equipped with inductive charging, which is still limited adoption of various devices. 

On the back there is a filler Apple Watch inductive data, which is easy when connected through the MagSafe technology. Once connected magnetically to the back of the watch, then connect the charger will instantly smooth.

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