The role of technology in direct democracy

   Input technologies for communication and collaboration since the beginning of the 21st century, have helped make this the best time in human history connected - and it seems easier than ever for people to work together. However, when political outcomes? 

The next legislative elections. The stakes are high and there is a big problem that requires a solution; It is time that politicians stop talking and start listening. We made the 24-hour cycle of news an Autobahn to sound bites and political party bully pulpit for elected state, local and federal officials. Not much constructive debate, and political paralysis has become the norm. 

Labour productivity - especially in the service sector - has outpaced the growth of 3 percent per year since 2000 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). The company has been quick to adopt technologies such as Skype, Citrix, and Asana Yammer to communicate and collaborate, possibly creating more valuable and innovative products from the company ever produced. 

Transparency also increases with companies like LinkedIn and Glassdoor lead the way. Employers and more and know more about each other and landed in important business decisions quickly, leading to a better adaptation of work, productivity and profitability employees. The stock market at its highest point and an incredible startups are born every day. 

On the consumer side, companies like Amazon can provide what we need the following day at the lowest price. Want it faster? Google express they shop in a couple of hours in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Do not live in San Francisco? See who is doing it's best to hire a TaskRabbit Yelp and go get it for you. 

Now, if only politicians could be as quick and efficient.


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