Donald Sylvander play a voice message on the phone so I could hear the fraud. 

"John", calling on the Department of Veterans Affairs. He said Sylvander has received a duplicate payment of VA and receive a stamped envelope addressed to return the $ 18.13. 

"I receive an invoice and a statement from the VA, but I never get a check," said Sylvander. 

This Sylvander caller ID shows the number derived from the "Department of Veterans Affairs" with a 407 area code. But John has left the number is a toll-free number. 

Sylvander, 73, is a veteran of the Marine Corps. Lives in Cape Coral and go to medical care VA Healthcare Center. 

Sylvander I said I will look into it. As suspicious as I am of no one calls and asks you to send a check, I'm not sure how Sylvander is that this is a scam. First, check the number on the caller ID. And most of the time the scammers do not leave a message asking you to call the toll-free number. 

So I called the number he left and John Brandon (also no last name) answered the phone and in the introduction to his use of the word "Caribbean". I admit, my mind immediately went to the Jamaican Lottery Scam, and I considered just hang. 

Instead, I decided to explain why I called Brandon and told him: "No lady is not a scam." 

Brandon is the consolidation of the Florida Caribbean in the patient Accounting Center, which manages accounts VA patients from South Georgia, Florida and the Caribbean. 

On August 13, there was a computer error, said Brandon. The system of issuing payments to veterans and there is no "connectivity issues" between the two software. 

"It seemed timeout," said Brandon. "So we ran for the second time." Here's veterans receive two payments instead of one. 

Brandon said that fortunately small run in batches - only 110 veterans have been affected. He could not say exactly what the payment is for Sylvander, but that the possibility of the return of co-pay. 

Approximately $ 7,000 checks sent in duplicate. 

"It could be worse," said Brandon. 

Checks should be accepted August 18 If veterans cashed or deposited their second straight, Brandon said that they had to send back a check or money order. 

The VA will send you an envelope postage to return the duplicate payment, said Brandon. There is no rush to send money back, but if you do not, VA will charge for it.

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