On the first day of school, the Los Angeles School District Met officials said it was a new computer system that eating schedule students. 
The selected schedule at the end of last school year were mixed, and high school students are placed in the same class of high school students because the teacher has received an error message from the new data system LAUSD nicknamed MISIS - My Integrated Student Information System. 
At Robert F. Kennedy High School, students frustrated by a computer error. 
"They made ​​me choose classes that I wanted last year, but today, they gave me a class schedule completely different," said one student. 
"We have some, many in fact, reports just leave campus students and parents actually do not enroll their children because the lines are too long," said Colleen Schwab President of UTLA Secondary. 
LAUSD embedded data systems to comply with the settlement of a lawsuit to make information available to parents. But the teachers' union said Superintendent John Deasy ignore their concerns. 
"Inspectors do not learn from mistakes," said UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl. "It could have been said about the iPad disaster. Members we remember very painful payroll system a disaster, which took months and months to clean up." 
The teachers union said they want the district to stop the program and use the old system until a better solution can be found. 
Superintendent and the district did not respond to requests for comment. But during a recorded address to the students, Deasy defends the program. 
"With the new system, I am sure there will be bumps along the way. I am sure we will solve all these problems," Deasy said in the recording.

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