Japanese media reports recently suggested that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is planning to launch flights of their experimental aircraft stealth technology as early as next January. Plane, which is called the Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X, or ATD-X, it will not be a production prototype of the aircraft, not serve as a vehicle to test the stealth capabilities. 

Japanese engineers and designers using the ATD-X project to improve their understanding of critical technologies, and provide proof-of-concept demonstration of these advanced applications prior to their incorporation into the model of a full-scale production. The hope is that the testing and validation of various aspects of the technology will simplify the design and construction of their proposed fighter next generation, which is now dubbed the F-3. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Technical Research and Development Institute, Japan branch of the Department of Defense who oversees this project, both quickly denied the report launch in January, however, noted that they have not completed a plan for the initial flight test. The discussion in the press have indicated that the Japanese government hopes to take over the ATD-X prototype in March and examine its performance over the next two years. 

Defense industry observers believe that Japan will decide in 2018 whether the TA intends to build the next generation fighter aircraft by itself or seek international partners. In terms of regional hardware, F-3 will have to compete with the Chinese stealth fighter jet and the potentially Russia, so the aircraft is likely to be hidden but will also require the ability to counter-stealth significant. 

Japan has expressed interest in the F-22, top-of-the line fighter jets the United States, although the sale of F-22s outside of the United States eventually blocked. Japan is currently scheduled to deploy multi-role F-35 after completion of construction.

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