Iran Arming Hamas Military

   Hamas military technological capability to defend against an Israeli attack is the help of Iran. 

The statement was released by one of the officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, told the Arabic television station Al-Alam, as reported by the AP, Tuesday (05/08/2014). In a statement, it was revealed that Iran is providing technology advance Fajr5 militias of Hamas rockets in Gaza. However, Hamas rockets could only produce without sending the rocket directly. 

"Missiles Palestinian resistance is due to the transfer of Iranian technology. Need to transfer defense technology and military Palestinians so they can build weapons in blocking and defense," said the secretary of the Council Mohsen Rezaei Discernment convenience. 

As reported, Hamas has fired more than 3,200 rockets into Israel during the conflict in Gaza since July 8. More than 1,880 Palestinians were killed and 60 Israelis were killed in the fighting. 

Rezaei, who was also the former head of the Revolutionary Guards have written a letter to the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani to provide air defense systems to Hamas. So Hamas Israeli aircraft could backfire. He also said that Hamas must continue to dig a tunnel to be used as a shelter for the people of Gaza rockets hit Israel.

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