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Blue Power Technology (BPT), a leading distributor of IT infrastructure solutions (a subsidiary of PT Computrade Technology International / CTI Group), recently appointed as a distributor of FireEye.

FireEye is itself a provider of Internet security solutions company that offers products ranging from network security, e-mail, endpoint, mobile, content, analytics, and forensic. FireEye products can monitor all suspicious activity in real-time. Has a unique engine, the FireEye was able to recognize the non-signature attacks and prevent the flow of data to a foreign party.

According to a press release CPM, FireEye appointment as a distributor will strengthen its efforts to meet the needs of customers will be IT and security infrastructure solutions as well. For that CPM is supported by a variety of experienced and internationally certified engineer. As an "IT expert partner", the CPM will provide a dedicated team to support the business development, sales, marketing, and technical services to various FireEye solutions. This support aims to help business partners that software developers (ISVs) and system integrators (system integrators / SI). This support will be understanding FireEye solutions through a variety of training and workshops, to implementation and technical support as part of after-sales service.

According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), cyber crime has made the global economic losses reaching $ 445 billion each year. While the loss of business due to the theft of intellectual property exceeded $ 160 billion.

"Every company needs a high level of protection systems to protect their data from malware attacks. Statistics Indonesia has recorded the threat level of 40% above the global average of 36% with no less than one million cyber attacks each day. CPM seeks through FireEye security solutions help businesses to ward off attacks by hackers whose pattern is constantly changing. Hackers today are getting smarter and more subtle in stealing or manipulating data so that most victims do not realize [that] data is being stolen, "said Straightforward Satria (President Director CPM).

CPM is equipped with the Technology Center facility in which consists the latest IT infrastructure solutions from leading IT vendors. Through this facility, business partners and customers can conduct trials FireEye solution by performing proof of concept in the form of network inspection in the organization / company related. Thus the customer can ensure that FireEye solution really works like it needs to ensure that the investment will be totally appropriate and as needed.

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