Tips for Choosing a Good Laptop to Play Games Weight

   What you want to look for a good laptop to play the game hard, in fact many people who sell laptops with high specs, but its price is inadequate.

    Some of the factors in choosing a gaming laptop:


    Processor is the brain of the computer; obviously if the work is good then the computer processor is also lightweight. Things to consider in choosing a processor are a processor to select a large cache.

VGA Card

    VGA card is also very important in graphics rendering, however high its processor if it is weak then the VGA computer / laptop too often lag. VGA is good for gaming is the Intel HD Graphics.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

    RAM required running a program. Usually there is a large 512mb RAM, 1024MB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB and so on. So the conclusion was that the higher the RAM you use, the more easily you run a program.

Hard drive Storage

    His general game now has a large size. So you better use the 2TB size, but the 500GB is also not a problem.



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