PC giant Dell is now accepting Bitcoin

   Specializing in computer technology corporation Dell has announced that it is now accepting bitcoins through a partnership with Coinbase.

With annual sales approaching $ 57 billion, Dell is about four times larger than DISH Network - the previous largest business accept bitcoin.

After today's announcement, consumers and small business owners are able to buy all the items on Dell.com with bitcoin. To promote the news, the company is offering a discount of 10% on all Alienware branded products for bitcoin buyers. Dell also sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, camcorders and printers.

In a blog post on the announcement, Coinbase indicated that Dell is trying to provide customers with a greater payment flexibility. Once you have reached the decision to accept Bitcoin, the company moved quickly - to implement the payments on the site in just two weeks. Dell CIO Paul Walsh said:

"It 's always been our goal to respond quickly to our customers and ensure their needs are met. Partnering with Coinbase to implement this solution in 14 days is a prime example of the new, more agile Dell."

The official announcement was made ​​on Twitter by CEO and Board of Directors Chairman Michael Dell of Dell.

Dell founded the company at age 19 and quickly grew the company into a Fortune 500 company, becoming one of the youngest CEO to make the list at the moment. Dell is now the third-largest private company in America.

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