An Allegiant Air jet flies past the Luxor Resort & Casino after taking off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on May 9, 2013. While other U.S. airlines have struggled with the ups and downs of the economy and oil prices, tiny Allegiant Air has been profitable for 10 straight years.

   About 4,000 customers Savior suffered flights were disrupted today (July 18), after a computer interrupted the process of national airline and entertainment.

Interruption - which began around 08:25. M. ET lasted until about 04:00 ET - forced employees loyal customers manually check in for their flights. That has dramatically affected the company's ability to adhere to schedule flights. Interruption also disable the site and sincere.

Says the Saviors of the Savior 250, was scheduled to work today, was canceled eight and 18 others are scheduled to run Saturday (July 19). Appeared dozens of flights were delayed to the Savior today, is likely to affect thousands of other customers.

Unlike most American Airlines, one of the faithful does not offer daily service on most roads. Therefore, if the flight is canceled, it could be several days until the next planned flight carrier, depending on the road.

Apologized Savior of the case, and says it will provide compensation to the publications concerned.

Customers who delayed during the night, and say he will give the Savior:

- The full amount of the price of passengers from affected

- $ 200 voucher, good for travel in the future Savior

- The payment of the costs of hotel accommodation for passengers displaced

For customers who have canceled flights, says the Savior will offer:

- The full amount of the price of airline passengers

- $ 300 voucher, good for travel in the future Savior

- The payment of "reasonable costs of alternative transportation"

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