A Look at Future Technology The Super Sophisticated

   When we flashback to the past, we see that the past is not talking as is the case today. Modern size or whether it is derived from a technology found in the future. For example, in the days before the independence of Indonesia, and the owner of TV is still very rare. If you have any TV made ​​of wood and the screen is black and white. In contrast to the TV and thin and designed the present there are several types of TV channels that can only move by moving the screen (touch screen) or give voice commands. This proves that the technology of the future is always much more complicated than the present time. 

   Many people are getting smarter to find new technologies to make the world grows more quickly. You can not even think of what will provide the techniques appear in the future, while only cutting-edge technologies today are very sophisticated to be around you. The rapid development of technology always result in future technology more advanced than the current technology. Of all the advanced technology that will exist in the future is something that was not thought of before.

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